Introduction and Review of NZXT Doko

Today, we are offering to you the simple yet well-built solution in the form of NZXT Doko that’s an alternative for displaying content from PC in a particular room to Television in another. The method requires employing really long cables for devices, using a content streamer and more things than that.

Whatever the screen of your PC maybe displaying, a tiny software streams everything to TV using Doko that connects to it. The Doko allows streaming of games, videos, music and other things your PC is doing using four USB ports on the front side.


NZXT Doko – Design

The box is just two centimeters in height, when talking of length and breadth its 11 x 10 cm. The box can be placed in a hidden place as its not necessary to have it within a visible area of your room, unlike an Infra-Red controlled device.

The material used in the construction of the device is subdued, overcast black, and silky-affect touch, enabling it to be compatible with just any AV configuration. Just lay the path for cables in a place where the user can easily access them.

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NZXT Doko – Features

As long the PC of yours can do things you can do the same with Doko box such as access files from hard disk, watch the streaming videos, or surf the internet. These are some of the basic advantages of Doko over other options such as streaming devices for use within the home or Nvidia Shield. A number of other boxes exist that offer full streaming same as Doko though they don’t provide the amount of USB ports.

For a kind of experience as expected, there is no alternative of Wifi provided instead Ethernet option is available ensuring dependable signal. Ethernet cable is included in the packing though the device has one HDMI connection for which you will have to provide your own cable.

The device requires the installation of tiny software on your PC, after that just plug it in with your device making it advantageously easy to run setup. The box enables connecting multiple number of computers and allows you to easily select the ones that require connecting from slick Doko menu.

Should Doko be a buying choice?

The device doesn’t provide the frame rate and precision to form its value selecting it, instead of a basic media streamer. For more low-end games Doko does quite fits better, though running the games with high graphics demand doesn’t work well.

However, it packs the things required to access PC from your main TV and can perform all tasks the PC of yours does.

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