Review of Bluetooth Keyboard from Inateck BK1003E

Initial details about Bluetooth Keyboard BK1003E from Inateck?

As this keyboard has several advantages like thin shape, stylish outline, and body made of metal setting itself aside. It makes a low-cost addition to a tablet as keyboard, as in the market its available for below £25.

Design and Characteristics of Bluetooth Keyboard BK1003E from Inateck

Instead of being dependent on using touchscreen keyboards it will pair with tablets having Bluetooth support and enables to experience better typing. It’s a rather simple electronic product having few keys, battery & charging port, a switch and thus all things it has. Almost all mobiles and tablets are able to work with it like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

Besides back edge its 14mm in thickness and 6.5mm alongside the majority of its span, hence its actually not that compact keyboard. The entire keyboard measures 280 x 135mm in full, bringing it to a point that it’s a little longer compared to iPad. Depending upon your choice like a desire for portable keyboard then this will not be a product to choose. If someone is looking for an exceptional typing experience in comparison to a keyboard of larger size then its better choice.

The quality that comes with this keyboard can be estimated from the strip of metal in the front end. The key markers and brilliant white logo of Inateck couldn’t be justified as being great looking though sharp-witted sufficiently.

Inateck BK1003E

An extremely shiny smooth steel backside is shown when the keyboard is flipped over. Curves it has over the body tells a story that design is satisfying enough.

There are rubber stoppers in a usual number of four at bottom of the keyboard that stops it from sliding. Along with it comes tiny moving switch making keyboard power on or off, and a LED in the front side of it shows when the keyboard is turned on. A grade microUSB port is provided i keyboard for charging on right edge. Providing of a standard port like this keeps buyer confident that its going to be fast finding the replacement if the charging wire gets lost. Also, this saves the hassle as buyer will be able to use one cable for all your devices like phone, tablet or keyboard.

When battery is in standby it lasts for more than 4 months and with continuous use, the battery lasts for 8 hours.

Inateck BK1003E right

The keyboard has a downside that keys layout is based on US rather than UK one and hence the markings does has a £ sign although keys in itself are 78 in number with quality being low.

The keyboard also has buttons for Home and Search, with a single thin line of function keys at top that includes shortcut keys like volume, brightness and similar ones. Also one can change between modes that include Windows Phone, Android and iOS, which assures all keys that save time are working correctly. There is also shortcut key for Bluetooth pairing which makes a connection to phone/tablet a simple task.

Performance of Bluetooth Keyboard BK1003E from Inateck

For quick, precise and casual typing with leap back and spacing between keys, this keyboard turns out to be better than many laptops in terms of typing output. The typing power is really much better than others for a budget product like BK1003E from Inateck with a minimum bend for it.

The comfort of not moving between keyboard and touchscreen is awesome as the keyboard packs all the functions such as copy & paste text, controlling music playback etc.

Inateck BK1003E left

Verdict if its worth to buy BK1003E Bluetooth Keyboard from Inateck?

The keyboard packs all the features that make it stylish like easy to handle, metal grade body and better typing output, what’s more than its low price of £25. If typing comfort is something that matters then it might not be a choice for smaller sized tablets than iPad.

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