Deployment of Android 7.0 on Nexus mobiles began in August, 2016

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Android 7.0 the recent edition of Google’s mobile OS was deployed to official Nexus mobiles first.

Among the first few devices, are Nexus 5X and 6P receiving fulfilled upgrade.

The next set of devices in the queue are Nexus Player, Nexus 9 and Nexus 6 that received update in forthcoming weeks, with an announcement from Google which was made in August, 2016. Other devices which were in the queue for the update were Chromebook Pixel C.

Among the features that are included in the update are 1,500 fresh emoticons, giving Google an edge in Day Dream Virtual Reality and enhanced battery backup with Doze.

Along with it, there are also enhancements in notifications menu, which is revamped with better-tailored appearance, and data savings that is worth inclusion.

The devices from other manufacturers received updates at a later stage from Google that tells a different story. At IFA 2016 that happened in Sept-Oct, 2016 saw the launch of LG V20 and will be the foremost mobile with Android 7.0 that was shipped during that period.

The industry is not sure when other manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. are going to receive the update. Do share your thoughts when the update for other brands was released and effectiveness in deploying it.

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