Were battery backup specifications of iPhone 7 disclosed before launch?

iPhone 7 Plus Battery specs

Apple has been infamous and volatile regarding releasing few iPhone details, that comprise backup of its battery cells. However an author from China just disclosed all details of the iPhone 7.

The website on which the details were revealed seems to be running an eCommerce platform and a governing department, is displaying initiation for iPhone 7 coming in. A specification it mentioned that was hidden before – a battery having capacity of 1,960mAh.

The details of specifications were first sprinkled and revealed to us by a mobile details revealer. The specifications of battery are confirmed from Apple after the release of phone. An additive improvement in comparison with iPhone 6 is noticeable which has 1,715mAh battery unit.

The exhausting of battery and its life would depend on the latest iOS 10 from Apple, influencing the backup time for the mobile.

Another source named TENAA has given confidence that high-end device from Apple i.e. iPhone 7 Plus comes with 2,900mAh battery and looks dependable to pack the backup device requires.

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