Galaxy Note 7 outwitted by iPhone 6S in terms of Running Power

samsung galaxy note 7

As iPhone 7 is revealed by Apple, other major market leader Samsung has stripped the publicity when it launched Galaxy Note 7.

The phone has featured the use of best manufacturing process, elegant design, segment-leading camera likewise Galaxy S7.

Our people at Amaze1000 have taken the decision to try out a fresh start to put on test the swiftness of Samsung mobile, as we have all tools of standardizing the Galaxy Note 7 mobile.

For testing speediness of the two mobiles in real world as some testing guys intensely runs and close applications putting Galaxy Note 7 in contrast with Apple’s iPhone 6S.

Despite being released a year later which should give extra advantage to Note 7, it doesn’t make out as winner in this quite sketchy trial.

“We hardly know of anyone launching tons of applications as demonstrated in this video using phone on daily basis.” as said by Mr Olivision thus Questioning the credibility of such conclusion.

“Every 2016 forefunner is quick. Note 7 works out to be a quick phone while iPhone 6S is faster.”

In the mean time Apple mobiles typically respond well when comes the talk of benchmarking, though its difficult to understand that reviewers has put the Note 7 against comparably elegant iPhone 6S Plus. However this directly doesn’t makes much differentiation in means of showcasing the working.

In the performance measurement test its advantage to note, iPhone 6S Plus showed equivalent score to Note 7.

note 7

With a superior outcome, though reasonably moderate on GeekBench individual core test, the Note 7 faired at 2,118 points and Apple’s iPhone came at 2,465 points.

While when performing multicore standardization, Apple’s iPhone 6S achieved 4,417 whereas Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 lead with a score of 5,942.

To make PhoneBuff’s benchmarking that further tempting, there isn’t considerable controversy about the day-to-day use of both the mobiles.

To finish we can assume that Note 7 provides “ignominious results in actuality”, according to a present-day study showcased from Amaze1000.

Even with all the best placed hardware used within Note 7 “Individually few things went wrong with Samsung’s execution”, as in the findings from Amaze100 and the benchmarking were much in-depth also equating them with other high-priced Android mobiles.

iPhone pink

In contrast, with Samsung’s Octa-core CPU along with 4 GB of RAM and internal storage of 64 GB. iPhone 6S is having Apple’s dual-core A9 processor and 2GB RAM. However, we can assure that you will get speedy performance from Note 7.

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