Microsoft decided to stop shipment of Lumia devices from 2016 end as Surface Mobile comes into spotlight

lumia 950

Microsoft revealed last year that Lumia devices manufacturing will be stopped and taken off the market by end of 2016. Seems like a situation of spinning off the Lumia devices and launch the Surface brand of mobile devices.

The Lumia range of mobile devices haven’t been able to deliver the kind of success Microsoft had predicted, with experts anticipating the closing down of Lumia range for some time.

When going with the report published in a mobile blog, an unsourced person presently employed with Microsoft had claimed that software giant was formulating to cease sales of Lumia as the end of year approached i.e. December, 2016. The manufacturing of Lumia devices was suitably stopped a couple of months back.

The report source looks sensible as the models of Lumia were reduced to low four models in the market namely Lumia 550, 650, 950 and 950 XL. It was observed that Microsoft was constantly reducing the price of Lumia phones that remained.

The rumors are spreading that Microsoft is going to introduce a different mobile range with the end of Lumia, possibly blessed under the Surface label. A senior Microsoft executive said in a Tweet(later deleted) that Surface mobile manufacturing could be speculated.

Action plan of Microsoft to enter the already overloaded mobile market with one model sounds like an action plan they will be following for coming months. Surface Pro 4 obtained about 9/10 in our rating.

Microsoft was seen organizing an October 2016 occasion for showcasing a Surface AIO.

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