The 4 tech advancements are here to stay, hence get used to them!

4 technologies namely the Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Augmented Reality and Robotics have taken the world by surged enthusiasm.

Various technologies coming to market like devices for smart homes, virtual reality on PC or Mobile devices are getting more integrated into our life. It has come to us with eye-opener, that we are on the threshold.

Four technologies mentioned above namely Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Augmented Reality and Robotics will alter almost all industrial businesses in United States, and the question arises. How will they impact common man?

The Internet of Things

The IoT refers to devices that has capability to communicate with each other over network. The IoT devices are the ones that have connectivity over the internet like Electrical Switch or Coffee Maker. These devices are able work independently as they comes with required sensors and hardware.

For example, a IoT-ready Smoke detector is able to work when it detects smoke as its connected over internet. The device is very tiny, takes up very less space and changes the entire task its being used for. As the entire system is automated the system sends notifications when something is wrong, hence eliminating the need of person to sit in front of the monitor monitoring live feeds. The entire setup frees up resources in terms of human effort and time consumed.


The concept of controlling devices over Internet could be consumed in factories for manufacturing clothing, equipment used in mechanics, machinery etc. Its also possible to deploy a IoT-ready cash management system that would enable customers to self-checkout and at the same time dealing with promos, discounts and give-aways. With such a system in place there would be no need of cashier anymore, in a small business where single employee manages various duties including cashing-out.

Over the coming few years be ready to get surprised as we see more IoT ready devices emerging. Don’t be opposed to it when the transition happens as there are many ways processes can be up-graded.

3D Printing

With 3D printing one can take a blueprint or digital file and turn it into a 3D thing. Think 3D printers are the ones that don’t print images or text, instead they print tangible things.

The most common budget 3D printers uses cheap material like plastic and could be made to use wood, concrete, metal or other materials. Imagine a day when objects, physical things etc. could be made reality with 3D printing from digital file.

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is the process of projecting digital information or elements into real world. One of the best example is Pokemon Go, here the camera of device is used to project the creature into local environment when you try to grab a Pokemon in the App. AR could be used to cast traffic, speed or location information in a automobile, imagine a future-ready car where stats are displayed on the wind-shield.



Robotics just like IoT is the topic of discussion about how it will change the terrain, as it could be used to fully automatize processes, take-over control or replace under-skilled human workers. The modern robotics at work would be how Amazon runs its fulfillment center. The robotics will open up possibilities and practical tasks which were not possible with human man-power.

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